Thursday, June 12, 2014

:: Gimme Summer::

I love my life so much, it's ridiculous. Even with kids who go behind me and destroy everything I've cleaned today, and most every day. Even with kids who whine, refuse to listen the first time, talk back and bicker with each other. Even with a husband that says "You need to simmer down. You're grumpy!" He's right. I choose to find my joy in it all.  

Tonight we rescued a little baby bird that couldn't get out of our egress (I think that's what it's called) window. His mama was flying close overhead and screaming at it (and us).  We found an IKEA shelf still wrapped in plastic and laid that as a ramp to help the poor scared bird out. It was too slippery and only resulted in frightening him even more. His poor mama bird squawked louder. Ryan came out armed with a piece of plywood and a laundry basket. I bent down to try to pick up the bird and it screamed bloody murder at me.  The plywood worked. The bird scampered up and hopped away, his mama following closely above.  That, my friends, is the most excitement we've had at our house in some time. And I'm ok with that. 

Tomorrow is the last day of school. I'm relieved and scared all at the same time. Glad to have lazy mornings back, but in need of a plan to keep these kids in line. Charts, chores and structure are badly needed in the summertime, or we'll all implode by August. 

We're still facing challenges with Aidan. He goes in for a blood draw tomorrow. And if you know Aidan at know this is going to be no easy feat.  Anxiety, impulse control and focus tend to be the challenges we still face. We'll be hooking him up with some counseling as well as getting him involved in things that he loves such as Jiu Jitsu, piano and soccer.  

I'm praying for a good, productive summer. We have a lot of fun things planned and also some down time. I am excited to see faces that I dearly love and desperately miss.   I plan on taking a lot of photos.  And blogging. Lots of it. I hope.  And exploring this awesome city.  We're planning on spending a lot of time cultivating new friendships with a lot of beautiful people we've met here.  And hugging on the dear sweet friends that we miss so much. And family time. Lots of it.  Yep. It's gonna be a good one. 

I'm hosting a baby shower. I'm so excited!! You know how much I love to entertain and oh, how I've missed it!!!