Monday, May 19, 2014

:: I'm OK, You're OK, We're OK ::

Oh, Hiiiii!!

It seems it was just February and we were just arriving here in Portland.  Then I blinked...and here we are at the end of May!  What happened?!

We've been staying busy here.  With occasional weekend guests, we've been hunkering down in our new home, settling, getting used to our new normal.  At times, it is still hard to believe we live here - in Portland.  In OREGON...away from family and friends.  But...Oh...we are here and we are thriving.  We have yet to have had that moment.  You know...the Moment.  The Freak Out.  We've never once thought, "WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!?!"  Because, you know....we kinda love it here.

We've settled in SW Portland.  We're in a little SW part of Portland called Hillsdale/Multnomah Village.  It's cute, homey, beautiful and 8 minutes from downtown Portland.  We can be at the zoo in 11 minutes, the airport in 19 minutes, the kids school in 2-3 minutes (depending on that one light), and our favorite bakery in 4 minutes.  There are cute shops and restaurants nearby in the Multnomah Village, which also happens to be within walking distance.  Our favorite Custer Park is merely at the end of our street.  It's cute, beautiful and has the best playground ever.  We've met a ton of really nice people there - one in particular is my new friend Kirsten.  What a blessing this woman has been to me.  We just love this family and their cute little kiddos!

We're still looking for a church.  This process is never an easy one.  It's not a fun one.  It's exhausting, discouraging at times and, frankly, makes me want to stay in my bed every Sunday morning with the covers pulled over my head.  We've mostly liked what we've seen..just haven't settled on one yet.  We've definitely ruled out two.  :)  We have been taking the kids to the kids programs on Wednesday nights at a local church where Liam will be going to preschool in the fall.  It's 5 minutes away and they have a blast.  There's a program just for boys for Aidan, a girls one just for Delia, and a little preschool class for Liam.  Ryan and Aidan will be going on their first campout in a couple of weeks.  It's provided a little bit of a routine for the kids, as well as a place other than school to meet kids.  They love it.  We'll probably still take them - even when we do find a church (we went to the church that facilitates these programs last Sunday...not a good match for us).

Ryan's job is going really well at Nike.  I don't really hear much and I never hear any complaints.  So that's good!  He's still learning and getting the hang of it.  But he's happy!  And you really can't beat the employee discounts and, most importantly, the COMMUTE!!!!  It's so great to have him home for a decent dinner time!!  So.  Awesome.  From what we hear down here, Nike is an excellent company to work for.  We feel very blessed to be here.

We've been keeping busy with the house (I have yet to hang anything on the walls - I can't commit!!), school, swimming lessons and the like.  The kids are doing well in school and love their teachers/friends.  Aidan especially took this move really hard and has had a harder time assimilating into our new routine/home.  It's a day-by-day process talking to him, encouraging him and loving him a little extra.  We have our trying days (like today), but we're optimistic (with the help of a new NP Pediatrician) that we'll get him on the right track.

Thank you to all of you who have shown us so much love the past few months.  The mail, gifts, phone calls, visits - they've all made our transition so much smoother than it would've been.  We've never felt alone - lonely, yes, but never alone.  There are days when I feel the miles and the distance a bit more than others, but you all keeping tabs on me have helped me not to shrink back into my cave.  Thanks for the encouragement and prayers.  We love you all!

Now, here are a ton of photos.   I've got more to say, so there will be more frequent posts!!  Imagine that!

(If you click on the first photo below, you can scroll through full size images from this post)

Our beautiful view from nearby Council Crest Park

Running around Custer Park (Hi, Kirsten in the background!)
We're so thankful for little girlfriends for Delia!  (This is her with her buddy Kailin and a new friend, Rachel)

Liam and his buddy Cole at Custer Park
Playing at our Custer Park
Daydreaming at our Custer Park

Walking home from our Custer Park

Playing at our Custer Park

He's always giving me flowers.  And he always wants a photo with it.

my Liam 
Love this cozy nook.

Lookit!!  Love these guys.

Tiny Kite flying!

Big Guy Willster

Ah, I love this boy.

Looking at fire trucks!

Tiny kite flying!