Saturday, September 21, 2013

:: Seven Is Heaven ::

My Dear Boy,

I started writing your birthday letter this year with great hesitation.  I mean, these letters get harder and harder to write every year.  To put my thoughts and feelings towards you on one simple post has become increasingly difficult as you grow older.  Do you know how much I love you?

Where has the time gone?  We don't get to spend nearly enough time together - me and you.  I've not been very good at that, I'm afraid.  I just want you to know that I am aware and I aim to fix that.  You're so fun to be around!  I am loving age 7 so far.  You've changed so much during your last year of life - lost teeth, gained confidence, intelligence and an incredible silliness/sense of humor.  Oh, and a few more freckles.  You're losing your little boy look.  Your dimples are gone and you're looking more like an older boy each day.  Please stop it.

Have you noticed?  I'm grumpy a lot lately.  I don't have any explanation for it except to say that I get tired a lot.  I'm afraid you get the brunt of it most of the time.  I don't know if it's because I think you can handle it since you're the oldest or that you just seem to push my buttons more (smile).  But I want you to know that I'm aware.  And, yes.  I aim to fix that too.  I don't want you to look back and remember my grumpiness.  I want you to remember your mama who loves you SOOO very much.
Sometimes I think you don't know just how amazing you are.  This year will be about building you up. Spending time with just you.  Rewarding you oh so much more for your incredible accomplishments.

I don't tell you enough how you amaze me every day.

You're soooo smart.
You're easy to be with.  You're constantly telling me you love me and that I'm the best mom.  You restore my confidence in myself as a mama on a regular basis.
You're hilarious.  You have a magnetic personality and an incredible sense of humor.
You sailed through Kindergarten, acing everything.  Your first grade teacher called me today to tell me what a great job you're doing in class.  That made me smile and I made sure to tell you about it.

During your Kindergarten year, you told me there were a couple of boys on the bus who weren't very nice to you.  You wanted to sit with them and they always told you no.  I told you it was best to keep being kind and as the months wore on, we talked about "killing them with kindness" and what that meant.  You never responded with anything but kindness towards them.  They still wouldn't let you sit with them - and oh, how you tried.  It broke my heart to see how sad and frustrated you were.  Son, I don't understand why people are like that sometimes.  It seems like sometimes you just can't win for trying.  On the last week of school, you got off of the bus - face beaming.  "Mama!  Mama, I did it!", is what you yelled as you got off of the bus.  I had no idea what you were talking about.  You stopped, set your backpack down and looked up at me with a grin, "I did it Mama.  I KILLED them with kindness!  And it worked.  They offered me a seat today on the bus with them!"  You were so ecstatic and I was so proud of you.  You were relentless with your kindness.  I can just imagine how you were - responding to them in that way.  I hope you never forget about that situation.

Sitting in Kindergarten

Introducing me to your class for Mother's Day

Your first grade teacher is Mrs. Pedersen.  She is so sweet.  When we first met her, I wanted to take a photo of you and her together.  She put her arm around you and you immediately took two steps away.  She chuckled, came closer and tried it again.  You moved again, not breaking eye contact with me.  Then a third time.  Mrs. Pedersen kindly just leaned toward you, keeping her arm down and you leaned away from her.  I was dying I wanted to laugh so badly!  You're just like your daddy in so many ways!  Sometimes you tell people, "I'm just not a hugger."  I love that about you.  I want you to be able to have your space.  You're just not a hugger - except with a lucky choice few in your life that you hold dear.

First Day of First Grade!

You're very into anything with a screen these days.  Phones, tablets, iPads, computers and your new Nintendo DS that Nana & Papa got you for your birthday.  Daddy and I have to limit your time as you could play away the hours of the day on those devices.

You tried karate... I think we're going to sign you up!
You're becoming more independent in the kitchen - which I love.  You can make your own breakfast.  And several times, I've come down and you've made breakfast for your brother and sister, too.  I feel so proud when you think of others this way.  You were so proud of yourself for thinking of it.  You're also taking your own showers now too, which is awesome for mama.  You do an okay job at it, and you're getting better about not getting water all over the bathroom floor.  I think you have been wearing your goggles in there -- you still DESPISE getting water on your face.  You're getting better, but's a struggle for you.  I got you those goggles for your birthday and you wore them around for hours.

You still love Hotwheels and racing.  You love Nascar.  Your daddy takes you out to Evergreen Speedway occasionally and you're in heaven the entire time.  You know all of the Nascar racers AND their sponsors.  I took you to Lowes one time and you lost your mind (they're a Nascar Sponsor).

You and your dad at the Museum of Flight.  Same stride.
You're funny when you pick your own outfits out.  I love seeing what you come up with.  You're getting so tall and skinny!  Your favorite shoes are Converse.  Just like your daddy.  You love your daddy.  You tell me you want to be like him one day.  That's good -- he's a good man.  He's going to be setting aside a morning a week to take you and your brother and sister out on a special date.  It'll be nice to spend time just you and him in that way.  I know you're going to love it.

See?!  Your outfit!

Between piano lessons (which you LOVE and are an incredible pianist already!) and school and church, you are a very busy kid.  I'm proud of how you come home from school and do your routine of piano practice, reading and homework.  You're just so good.

Caught you reading a book to your brother.  

Listen, I know I get frustrated with you at times.  I've yet to make good on some promises I've made to you and that makes me sad.  You just have to know that I know this and aim to make good on what I've said.  I always want you to be able to talk to me if you're feeling sad, angry, upset and even happy.  I care so much for you.  You're my first boy - my first baby.  We don't always get it right, but we try.  And I promise to keep trying.  Less yelling, more patience and understanding.  That is my goal.  Please forgive me when I mess up.

You always find a flower outside to give to me.  That touches my heart every time.

Giving me flowers.  Love them!

You decided to ride your bike without training wheels earlier this year.  You made up your mind that you'd do it, so you climbed on your friend's pink bike and rode away as I stood there staring in amazement.  You do that sometimes.  Catch me by surprise.  You've always done things when YOU decide you're ready.

You're learning more about God and Jesus.  It's exciting to watch you blossom spiritually.  You have so many questions and have asked for your own "bible book."  I can't believe you still don't have one.  I'll make sure to get you one ASAP.  You've started asking God for some serious things.  You recognize when people are hurting and need prayer.  I love seeing you grow this way.

This past year has held so much for you!  I'm so excited for the next year to see what you do.  But I do have one request.  Please slow down.  Stay little.  For a bit longer.  And please....always keep telling me you love me and hug me and bring me flowers.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Your loving Mother,

Now, here is a random stream of photos.  :)

Celebrating your birthday in Kindergarten

another outfit you chose