Tuesday, September 24, 2013

:: Aidan ::

I've been asked recently about the spelling of our Aidan's name.

I've spent too much time this morning researching the name "Aidan" and it's history/origin.  Ryan and I picked this name for our first son back in 1999 when we were dating (ah, the old days) and had no clue that it would become so popular at the time of our son's birth in 2006 (Nurse: "That's our 3rd Aidan today!").  As we are now at school age, I'm finding we have to correct the spelling of his name at times.

Source: here

While we have encountered many different spellings of the name (Ayden, Aiden, etc), we chose the most traditional Irish spelling derived from "Aodhán", after St. Aidan referenced above.  The more trendy spelling - AidEn, has become quite common in the US, much with the other "en" trendy names - Jayden, Kayden, Braden, to name a few.  While we don't necessarily have a problem with the trendy spelling, we chose the more traditional route, given Ryan's irish heritage.

And, if you're wondering...yes, he has lived up to his name so far.  "Fiery One; Born of Fire" describes him from his moment of birth.

We love our Aidan.

So there you go.