Wednesday, August 7, 2013

:: seven ::

I just spent the last ten minutes in the boys' room holding Aidan's hand and watching him sleep. He told me today that he will always think I am the best mommy in the world. He made me smile a lot. 

I just can't believe it... 

At this very time, seven years ago, I was nearing the end of a very long and painful labor with my first baby. Nothing could have ever prepared me for what I felt when I first held my firstborn. The wonder, love and relief to know he was safe and healthy in my arms. The pain I had to go through to get him here was so very worth it. I would hold him and stare at him, swirling his little cowlick with my fingertip. I'd sing songs, tell him all about our family and cuddle him into my neck. I would rock him, kiss him and just cry with happiness (I still do all of these things, by the way). I had no idea how smart, funny and adorable this kid would turn out to be. 

I'm in awe of this child. I hope he knows how special he is and how much I love him. I know I don't always get everything right with this little man, but I'm doing my best to let him know every day how much i love and adore him.  He made me a mommy for the first time. There's just something extra special about that.