Saturday, July 6, 2013

:: Paradise ::

This blog post will be quick as we're packing up this beautiful vacation house in order to head out to the beautiful island of Kauai today.  Here we are, 6 days into our vacation.  Yesterday, we found the most magnificent beach.  Pristine, clear blue waters with perfect white powdery sand.  We felt lucky to have found it, but sad that it took us so long.  We bobbed around until our hunger pulled us away and back to our favorite spot here - Kona Brewing.  This trip has already been filled with such amazing memories and I can't wait to get to Kauai to see some pretty special friends.

Sometimes I feel like I must be a horrible parent when I realize that I don't miss the kids quite yet.  I'm enjoying my down time immensely and I know they are in very capable hands.  They are having a "vacation" from us too - I remember the feeling when my parents would leave us as kids.  It's fun and adventurous...and we benefited from it too.  My kids benefit from time away from us.  And I can see how happy they are and how much fun they're having with their Nana & Papa.  Such a special time!  Thanks again, mom and dad!!

I'm sitting here in the office of this plantation-style home, staring at the amazing ocean view.  I'm content.  Happy and pleased.

It's what I've needed for such a long while.  The last few days, I've finally felt that "letdown".  That satisfying sigh of relaxation and release.  It usually takes me a few days to arrive here mentally.  Extra sleep, silence and room & space for thoughts contribute to this feeling of release. I'm in the thick of it now...Ready to enjoy this last half of our vacation.