Wednesday, May 29, 2013

:: these are days ::

This is my view right now:

Besides the fact that my boys look like girls (haircuts. soon. ), I'm noticing small snippets of time when Aidan shines as a big brother. Most of the time, he is...difficult with his siblings. Bugging them, teasing them and just making their lives all around miserable. I keep telling myself it will get better. There is just no end in sight. But yet. This. He's sitting an reading them a book, asking them silly questions and actually educating them. He is shining. It's a snippet. A small sliver of hope. He's such a wonderful boy, but I worry about his lack of empathy towards others. He is warm, silly, loving and caring most of the time, but he just has this...streak. He likes to challenge me. He's assertive. He's a leader. He is strong willed. He is impatient. He's wonderfully gifted. He's talented. He's just amazing.  I'm praying every day how to best "mother" this boy and help him grow up to be kind, respectful and Godly. 
As he leaves his Kindergarten year behind (sob), I'm sad. I have so little time with him at home. 

This summer, I will be unplugging, aside from photography and blogging. I will be declaring 3 unplugged days a week. No computer, no fb, no Internet. I may even be suspending my fb account for the entire summer. 

Our days will be filled with reconnecting. Being outdoors whenever we can. Doing art projects. Cooking. Gaming. Whatever. I'm feeling a strong urge to reconnect with my kids after a busy, hectic school year. Yes, it's shaping up to be a busy, hectic summer, but we will be making the most of it. 

2013 Memorial Day camping trip - 
Rasar State Park