Friday, May 17, 2013

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I've been asked by my therapist to start keeping a journal.
**Sidenote:  I can't ever say or type the word "therapist" without thinking about Jeopardy on SNL.**

I didn't mention to her that I've been keeping a blog for a few years.  I mean, not this blog, but a private personal one, full of mostly thoughts and emotions - not photos and mundane stories.  One that only **I** can read.  So, I pulled up that blog today and skimmed through years of posts...then I deleted it.  The whole thing.  The whole blog.  I know I'll probably regret it (it can't be undone), but honestly, I don't think I will ever want to read any of the posts again, as they bring up emotions I don't want to feel.  It was good for a time.  It served its purpose.

I'm starting fresh.  Here.  On this blog - my original blog and the one I love most.  I think posting at the other one has been pulling me away from this one.   And the things I post here are the things I wish to remember.  So, hi.

There is so much swimming around in my head.  Blogging is not as free-flowing and easy as it once was.  The formulation of thoughts...sketchy, at best.  So here are a few photos.

Happy Friday everyone!!

Gia, Carver and Cole - School Buddies!

I love Aidan's smirk here.

Museum of Flight

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

She's a lady