Friday, May 10, 2013

:: Almost There...::

There are 5 Things I decided long ago that I would not be a slacker about regarding my kids and family:

1 - Eat dinner together at the table (sans media) as a family...always.  Exceptions include having company over and feeding the kids first so the adults can eat in peace.

2 - Have a bedtime for the kids and be as consistent as possible (at least on school nights).  Right now it is 7PM.  Exceptions include company in town, vacations, dinner dates and a few late nights as rewards.  I'm proud to say, bedtime is bedtime.  They know it.  We love it.  Jammies, teeth, songs and bed.  Takes less than 15 minutes on a good day.  Once they're there, we usually don't see them until morning time.

3 - No food battles.  I'm not a short order cook.  Kids eat what we eat.  Period.  My kids will eat pretty much anything.  Spicy food, ethnic food, and seafood.  They love fruits and vegetables.  Exceptions include: nights where they go to bed early and we have company over.

4 - Music.  Always singing it, always playing it.  My kids all have amazing pitch and musicality.  Aidan just started piano lessons and is already amazing.  Ryan and I were both raised in musical families and want to keep that going.  We're working on expanding their minds musically, introducing different artists and styles of music.  I let Gia pick the music in the morning in the car ride to school.  She picks some pretty good 60's and 70's most of the time.  Except when she picks princessy bubblegum pop.  Ugh.  I act like I like it as I bob my head.

 5 - Chores.  Assign them and reward.  

I can proudly say we follow 4 out of the 5 and I'm hoping we can get somewhere with the 5th.  Any advice out there regarding chores and little kids?  What works for you/your family?  What doesn't work??  Charts, rewards, etc.?  I really need some help in this area!!  I'd love to get us organized and in a pretty good chore routine by the time fall rolls around.

I just love this photo of Will riding on the back of the tricycle with his little cousin.

Melissa & Travis came to visit!

Liam on the ferry

Aidan with his wind-blown hair on the ferry

kids on the ferry


It was such a beautiful day for a ferry ride

One of my favorite photos from the weekend.  I love Melissa's expression.