Wednesday, January 16, 2013

:: Off ::

I don't know what it was about today.

 It just felt a A little tiff with the husband (just being real) began my day, as well as three rowdier than usual children who seemed to have forgotten who I am and what it means when I give them instructions.

 We barely made it out the door to drop Aidan off first -- not without hitting some road construction on the way, of course (seriously. Need to move. So much dang construction around here!!!!). Then it was off to Gia's school 15 minutes away. Thankfully, Ryan worked from home so I was left to my thoughts (and President Obama's speech -- no comment) on the drive home. Coming back to pick up Gia a couple of hours later, I was running a few minutes late. I was met with icy stares by the staff as I hurried my chicks out the door (+ one, sweet Carver). I just couldn't win.

 I arrived home only to find the battery dead in my garage door opener. Not a big deal, but still. That reminds me -- I'd better go pull my car in the garage so I don't have to scrape my windows in the morning...

 I got a few mundane chores done that I'd been putting off and still felt like I accomplished nothing. I even did some strength training exercises I've been meaning to do, but putting off. Still..unaccomplished.

 Do you ever have One Of Those Days?  I felt like running around with my hands over my head to shield me from whatever was coming next.

Now, Ryan is out for the evening, kids are in bed and I'm grateful to finally eat dinner after being on the phone with Comcast (BLASTED COMCAST *fistshaking*) for 30 minutes, troubleshooting what has already been troubleshot. And now? I can't watch mah pro-grayums because our cable box is broken. Again, not a huge crisis, but I still feel silly...I can't win.

 I have to chuckle, though...I just had the most glorious 15 minutes with my babies, laughing, reading and singing. Definitely the highlight of my day. And now, I have two good legs to go run on in about an hour. I shall end my day with a good book, glass of wine and perhaps a warm bath. It's ending on a high note.

 Oh -- and the tiff? It's fine. It's always over something SO silly, isn't it?