Monday, December 17, 2012

:: today ::

I dropped my kids off with confidence, humor, and extra hugs this morning. I can't help but feel changed.

These babes are not mine. They don't belong to me. They are simply "on loan". At each of their dedications, I dedicated them back to God, vowing to mother them to know Jesus and His love for them.

I walked into my kindergartner's room this morning and sat on the floor. I stared at the unmade bed, covers draped over the side, pooling on the floor. At the pillow with a head-shaped dent in the middle of it. A beloved monkey sitting on the edge. I looked at the pair of tiny underwear, empty pajamas and shoes that littered the floor. Two awkwardly and lovingly decorated small Christmas trees lit up the room in a warm glow. I sat there and said a prayer for those mommies and daddies walking into empty bedrooms today. I thanked Jesus for the peace and comfort He gives. I vowed to honor those lost, by strengthening my resolve as a parent and being a better steward of these little lives that have been placed in my care - if only just temporarily.

"Mommy, why are you just sitting there?"

I told him I was just enjoying being in his space. I told him I loved him and that he had to the count of three to get downstairs before getting a stuffy (wedgie).

He took off giggling and I caught him quickly. I gave him a hug...then I gave him a stuffy.