Friday, December 7, 2012

:: Disnay ::

Back in October, our family took our first major family vacation.  I hadn't seen my oldest brother Joey, and his beautiful family, in almost 5 years.  It was time.

I can't even begin to tell you how it felt to finally get to hug those guys.  Especially my brother.  I just love him so much!!  I love them all!

Here are a few photos from our trip.  I will post a link at the bottom if you'd like to see more.  :)

(PS.  Welcome to my new blog.  Again.  I think I'll stay here for awhile)

Photos after the jump...

Kendra's dad took us on a tour of the radio station where he works.
It didn't take my kids long to warm up to their cousins!


Liam giving a shout out.

The cousins.  Aidan and Mattox are about a month apart in age.
I've been waiting a looong time to see these guys in action as little boy cousins!

Sweet faced Matty

Gia.  She was mad at me and was trying not to smile.

Dancing while we were waiting for the tram.

DL was decked out in it's Halloween best!

Not the best shot of everyone, but you get the point.  Liam...oh, Liam.

Hey, it's us!

Right down Main Street.  There's my bro in the green shirt!

Getting in line.  The first of many.

The kids learned early how to stand in line nicely.  I was so proud of them!!  It's hard to have patience.

Apparently, Santa is unsure about me.

This photo is a little crooked.  It's bugging me.  But isn't it cool?!

Staying hydrated.  The weather was upper 70's/lower 80's.  In other words - perfect.

My kids LOVE their uncle!

Kendra is FABULOUS at meal-planning and money-saving!
She packed up some amazing lunches, which we (and our wallets) thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated!

It was amazing to see my brother in action as a dad.
He is one amazing dad and does such an outstanding job with his kids.  I'm so proud of him!

Gia loved, LOVED being with her cousins.  She was so cute holding Mason's hand.

Gia was beside herself here.

Gia and Princess Belle.
I may have shed a little tear at how magical this moment was for her.

Hey, Walt!

Wish I would've gone back for a full shot.  We were walking pretty fast, so this is what I got.

I rode this same carousel as a kid...I remember waving to my Papa.

Much like this.

I loved the smiles.

Liam was unsure.

The kids all got along so well!

The ONE ride I REFUSE to go on.  So I took a photo instead.

Matty had a smile ready every time he saw my camera.  Love that kid!!

Oh, Aidan.  What are you plotting?  These two...

I was disappointed by the photo I captured of the kids with Mickey.  It was dark in the room with weird lighting and didn't bring my external flash.  This was the best I could get.  My kids were beside themselves.

Driving off to cause trouble somewhere, I suspect.

Meeting Minnie after waiting a very long time.  I love their faces here.

I had some issues with my hands and it was very painful, so I didn't take as many photos at Disneyland as I'd hoped.  I didn't even take my camera with me to California Adventure...I was just in too much pain to even hold a camera.  I took photos on my phone though, so I will be posting those soon.  Also, I do have a ton more photos from our trip and will post those too.