Tuesday, August 28, 2012

:: A Giant, Horrible Suckhole of Suck. ::

That's the only thing I could think of for a title...sorry.

A friend of mine passed away today.  He was a friend, dad, brother, son, cousin...

Below is an excerpt from Jeremy's blog.

Thanks for the reminder, Jeremy.

You will be missed.

..."One must find the positive in any situation and over the last year, what I’ve found is that slowing down (or being forced to) has been healthy for me in relationship to my family. I stop to think about what I say and feel when I talk to the kids or Renee and hopefully convey a sincerity to them when I release verbage. Before cancer, it wasn’t always so. I was often too caught up in what I should be afforded as the bread-winner. My rights had to be taken into account too! Then I realized I AM a husband and a father and I don’t know how much time I actually have with them. Anyone of us is a bad turn, rear end, or triple mocha extra hot from missing a lifetime of moments (or at least a few days speaking like a French cow, don’t ask). Wow. That really puts things into perspective. There’s a song by my favorite band MxPx that says, “one step closer than to faraway, one step closer and I’m proud to say, one step further from the man I was yesterday.” Not by any means have I snapped around suddenly and become this changed man, but I hope my family sees that I’m trying to put them above me. I guess what I’m trying to get across is none of us really ever know when our heart will beat last, or when that last breath will come. I’ve watched it many times happen to others passing from this world to the next but none of them could have given you that date as when they’d stand at deaths threshold. Appreciate what you have, live life like each day is a gift, truly. Make amends with old friends over stupid arguments or ideas, kiss your loved ones just to surprise them. Get down on your childs level, look into their eyes and convey with words and emotion how much they mean to you. Because you just never know………J-Dog"