Thursday, March 22, 2012

:: where am i headed? ::

i've been taking a breather, taking a step back to figure out where this blog is headed.  it's been really nice having this blog - especially since i have never been very good at keeping up the kids' baby books.  this will be fun to look back on in the future.  for that reason alone...i'm keeping it.

i've been thinking a lot about the direction of my blog, the design, the content and general feel of it.  i'm not bored of it, really.  i have just felt a little lost lately.  however.  i think i'm back in the saddle again (or else i'd LIKE to be, anyway), and while i'll still be hunting for the perfect layout/look, i'll just keep plugging away for now.

i have liam's letter almost finished (i'm so bad lately) and will be posting that soon.  these kids are keeping me so dang busy!!  here are some things i'm in the middle of these days:

- exciting changes in our church (more on that later)

- weightloss (this could be a whole new blog in itself...which i haven't ruled out)

- raising my 3 beautiful babies, who challenge me every day

- planning some fun vacations for this spring/summer/fall- (portland, hawaii, camping, idaho, california).

- loving two new (yay!) babies (yay!)  Colson Gage Lowery and William Hudson MacDonald (my boyfriend)

- being a friend to my lovely lady friends and figuring out what that all means (grace, love, compassion and, of course, a whole LOT of laughter...i am so blessed!)

- extra-curricular activities (yee!) - ballet for Gia and Aidan just started tee ball

- taking lots of photos.  i love photography and learning!!  i have my eye on a couple lenses....maybe someday?

- weaning Liam from his pacifier, potty training and soon...a big boy bed.  you can usually find me curled up sobbing and wishing for another baby (ryan says no).

i hope this finds all of you well.  i hope to see you more regularly here from now on.  i still have to finish the mean girls' story, after all.

beautiful ballerina

liam's 2nd birthday!

gia putting makeup on cami


gia and marissa = love

gia and her scott

michelle reading to liam