Saturday, November 26, 2011

:: my job ::

it's no surprise that i'm sitting down here at 1am, frustrated and irritated.

i do a LOT around here.  cook, clean, launder, clean, cook and launder some more.  hardly ever do i air my dirty laundry on my blog, but tonight, i'm feeling it.  so buckle up.

this is my job.

i take care of 3 little ones and wouldn't have it any other way.  i get them up each morning, make sure the older two go potty, get them all dressed, fed, and 3 days a week, in the car by 8:30 looking fresh as little daisies for preschool.  i make sure gia gets the pink cup and spoon and aidan gets the blue cup and spoon.  i make sure they get juice in the morning, milk and water at lunch and dinner.  i make sure gia's ponytails aren't loose.  i clip little tiny fingernails and toenails.  i pep talk.  i encourage.  i argue and plead.  i sympathize.  i empathize.  i wipe tears, butts and snotty noses.  i hug and kiss owies.  i ooh and ahh and praise.  i cuddle.  i discipline.  all. day. long.  i teach 3 little people how to be good and make good choices.  i break up disagreements.  i answer a million questions.

i do about 6 loads of laundry per week.  i clean a 2370 square foot house.  i scrub toilets and wipe pee off of the floors and walls (boys = ew).  i scrub bathtubs and showers and wipe down counters.  i make beds.  i play.  i fix breakfast, lunch and dinner.  i clean up after said meals.  i mop floors, dust and grocery shop.  i clean closets.  sometimes i'm lucky to get more than a bite to eat for breakfast, not to mention lunch, before i'm catching a kid falling out of a chair, standing on a chair, or laying on the table.  when we travel, i pack up all 3 kids, leaving little time/energy for my own packing.

i edit photos.  i clean dishes.  i feed the frog.  i match my husband's socks and fold them ACCORDING TO WEAR AND TEAR.  i constantly pick up toys.  i vacuum.  i sweep.  and i love.  i love a LOT.  a whole lot of LOVE goes into my job.

i'm tired.

i love my job.  this is in no way a complaint - i wouldn't have it any other way, nor would i want anyone else to do it.

sometimes it's good to just have a little reminder.