Tuesday, November 29, 2011

:: happenings ::

We moved Liam out of Gia's room this week, and into Aidan's room.  Aidan is so excited to have him in there ("Now it's a REAL boys' room, Mommy!"), and while they're both not getting the greatest sleep yet, (case in point: Liam asking me to go to bed at 10AM this morning and closing his eyes before his head even hit his pillow), I'm looking forward to the newness wearing off.  Meanwhile, I refuse to acknowledge that Liam will be turning 2 (TWO!!) in February and still see him as my little baby, still smell his little head and enjoy each cuddle in the crook of my neck.  Because I think this is it.  No more babies.  And his babyhood is leaving so quickly.  Maybe just one more?....;)  Ha.  If only kids weren't so much dang work.

Gia, however, is THRILLED beyond BELIEF to have Liam move out of her room, leaving it all to herself.  With the crib out of there, we were able to move her bed out a little from the wall, clean it up and hang up her mirror.  She ran in and squealed (apparently, girls do this?), "IT'S SO CLEEEAN AND BEEEAUUUTIFUL!!!"  God help me.  When asked if she missed Liam in her room, she quickly responded, "NO!  WHY WOULD I?!"  Sigh.  A little monster is born.  We moved her ginormous doll(y)house and all of its innards into her room today too.  She hasn't been seen in an hour.

So, as this short break draws to a close (laundry, chores, treadmill are waiting), I'll leave you with some photos.  Because something happened today that I have been waiting for every Christmas season since they were born.

We watched Elf.

Aaaaand they loved it, laughed at all the right parts and went off to play with a little twinkle in their eyes.  And I'll promise to try not to use Santa as a bribe for good behavior.  It's hard, though.

{Liam, cuddling with the "kitty blanket" made by my Grandma...I miss her}

{When Buddy held up the lingerie in the mall, Gia exclaimed, "Look! It's a snowman outfit!!"}