Thursday, October 27, 2011

:: stuff and things ::

I love stuff.  I love getting stuff - especially when it comes to technology and gadgets.  I find it difficult to not continually check my iPod, phone or other devices - almost obsessively, sometimes.

that being said.

I LOVE getting rid of stuff!!  Being married 11 years, five of those with kids, we've accumulated a lot of...stuff.  Stuff in closets, stuff in the garage, and stuff out in the open.  Lots of stuff that doesn't get used or even touched for months - years, even.  I'm on a mission.  GROSS.  Get Rid Of Stupid Sh...tuff.  This week?  An old computer (finally) gone, plus an old, broken laptop that's been taking up space.  (I made sure to double-check that I put all photos onto my hard drive...I know you were worried..)  I also took a dumb shelf off the wall that's been bugging me, as well as some sconces that I bought when we were first married that I now LOATHE.  (I now have some holes to patch/paint)

There's a whole garage of stuff to go through, as well as a closet I've been dying to climb into and organize under the stairs.  We have pretty good storage in this home, and we don't do a very good job utilizing it.  More stuff?  Clothes.  Old clothes, clothes that don't fit, nostalgic clothes...I've been doing a pretty good job of weeding these out throughout the summer, but I have a long way to go.  Managing the kids' clothes at their rates of growth is tough enough for me.  There's also an old desk (now sans computer), covered with old cd's and STUFF.  That is the next thing to go, reclaiming that corner in our bedroom (hallelujah).

It's hard not to be overrun by stuff.  My goal is to only have things in my home that are meaningful, needed, utilized and loved.  While I will never go the way of a minimalist, I do want to make a huge effort to de-clutter and simplify some things around here.

I have a comfy, beautiful home.  I wish I had a decorator's eye, but it's our style, cute and I love it.  I'd just love to love EVERYTHING about it.

I'm eying an empty photo frame that's been on my wall for over a year.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?

Here's a photo to make myself feel better.

"] lucy [kat & cole's pup