Friday, September 16, 2011

:: falling into fall ::

Today, I sit here with a re-warmed cup of coffee, one eye on the youngests and the other on the clock, as we will be going to pick up big brother soon. Usually at this time of year, I feel ready for it. I welcome the change and the return of routine. I have been so incredibly busy this summer that I kind of feel like I am still spinning. It's like I have been caught off guard and I am floundering a little bit. It is disconcerting, as I am usually pretty good at swinging right into a routine. Maybe it's due to the fact that I have 3 very active children for the first time, headed in three different directions. Liam was a stationary baby at this time last year and could happily sit in his carseat or swing (not to mention 2 solid naps a day). Now, he is so active and verbal and, well, BUSY! I am beginning to feel very outnumbered for the first time. all thoughts of a fourth child have gone by the wayside as in try to navigate my new world of three actual human children who have their own ideas how things should be ran around here. It's like they've figured out that they could stage a coup at any time. I find myself yelling more, which sucks. I also say sorry more and hug more. It is not easy to grow little people. That is another post for another day, however.

Here is what I am working on for the coming weeks:

- a revised house schedule (cleaning, wake/sleep, kids chores, etc.)
- a jobs chart + reward system for the oldests. Still researching this topic.
- organizing closets once and for all. This is a huge, huge task.
- more house purging. Sigh.
- meal planning. I used to be really good with this.
- a Molly tune-up (dentist, eyes, ortho, doctor, etc) and maybe even a hair cut thrown in there somewhere.
Use that spa gift card I got from Ryan for MOTHER'S DAY FOR THE LOVE.

I do look forward to fall traditions (it is my favorite time of year, you know.) Pumpkin bars (there's a recipe in my archives...I will link it later), fall soups, cozy warm wallflower scents, Halloween, knitting projects, fall decor, cooler weather, fires, football, and my yearly cooking project (last year was zuppa toscana. This year it's Posole that hopefully will be as good as our favorite restaurant's).

I' going to figure this all out and settle - rather than fall, into fall. Starting with a drive to get A from school. Because next year? Kindergarten. Hold me.