Monday, June 20, 2011

:: me, myself and i ::

this post is all about me.  MEEEEE.

At the risk of sounding indulgent, self-absorbed or narcissistic, I'll preface this post with this:  I'm changing and it's for the good and I just wanted you to know.


As a mom:

Slow down.  I'm needing/wanting time to slooooow dooown.  I am trying to cuddle my kids more, take a more tender approach to discipline, yet remain firm.  Watching my babies as they grow and develop into little people.  Talking to them about faith and what that means while not trying to shove it down their throats.  Trying to listen more effectively and not just nod an "uh-huh".  Being sillier.  Taking more detours (Aidan LOVES to direct my driving and will take me on detours in the car...eventually arriving at home.  It seriously makes him mad with glee).  Wrestling.  Kissing.  Teaching them about their bodies and how they are their own person and if they don't want to hug Mrs. So-and-so or give Mr. So-in-so a high five, it's perfectly ok as long as you respond with a polite "no thank you".  Celebrating little victories instead of berating over little mistakes.  Spending a little more time discovering their individual quirks, tastes and personalities instead of trying to group them together all of the time.  More stickers.  More candy.  More dirt.  More cartoons.  Finding a balance of fun/work.  I am so bad at this myself, that it's been an eye opener as of late.  I lean more on the having fun side.  We laugh.  A lot.

[caption id="attachment_2580" align="aligncenter" width="620" caption="hanging out at one of our favorite spots...Carver's house!"]

this kid is seriously silly. it's almost scary.

Coming soon..."As a wife"