Thursday, June 23, 2011

:: evidence ::

any of you who have heard me speak of ryan's converse obsession probably didn't believe me.  after storing boxes in MY SIDE of the closet for six years, i decided to drag them out, rearrange and figure out why i didn't have anywhere to put my measly 8 pairs of shoes (ok, maybe i have more than that, but compared to my get the point).

here's what i found after dumping out ONE box.

believe me now? this doesn't even scratch the surface.

here's a flag pair:


made in the USA

with tags! (cons are now made in mexico)

for feeling festive?

camo blue

notice one pair in high tops, one in low...lest we run out of options.

oh, and some gray ones, depending on your mood.

tired yet?

don't forget corduroy in 3 colors: do you choose?!

or how 'about plaid/flannel for those cold, damp northwest days?

OOoooohhhh, Plaaaaaiiid.

oh, crap.  look what i found.


they are lurking everywhere.

found more.

i know there are more.  i haven't found the character/batman ones yet.


found a box. doesn't quite fit all of 'em

what do i do with all of these shoes?  any ideas?

anyone need shoes?

i would say this is so much worse than i thought...but i'd be lying.