Monday, May 23, 2011

:: good lookin' out ::

I sometimes do stupid things.  Stupid, stupid things.  There's no reason why anything should go my way in these situations, but once in awhile...they do.  A few months ago, I bought a rather expensive new lens.  I have grown to fall in love with this particular lens and have been using it quite a bit.  Recently, I took a trip to Idaho to visit my family for the week.  While I was there, I shot some senior photos for my sister, who will graduate next week (sobbing).  We trekked down to Shoshone Falls where the setting was breathtaking and the lighting was, well...perfect.

melissa joy.


As I shot, I switched between two lenses...back and forth.  We got in the car to leave and pulled over to take one more shot.  During this time, I somehow dropped one of my lenses (the more expensive one, of course).  Unbeknownst to me, it was laying on the ground as we pulled out of the canyon and headed out to catch a movie.  I gave the camera a rest during most of the remainder of the week as I spent most of my time editing the photos I had taken.  The morning we left, I went to pack up my camera gear and immediately noted my missing lens.  I tore the car and house apart looking for it, but had a sinking sick feeling in my stomach.  I sobbed as I told Ryan and my family that my lens was missing.  I felt so stupid and dumb for being so careless and hoped that it would show up.  I didn't have a whole lot of hope that a person would return it if it was, in fact, found.  It is an expensive lens and could sell for a good chunk of money.  My parents were so amazing in the way they comforted me, and how they believed/prayed that we'd find it.  Oh, how I want my mom's level of faith!!  God's come through so many times for her and she has no problem just believing.  Remember this story?  Anyway, I felt so miserable the whole drive home and have barely picked up my camera since I've been back.  Depressed and sick about the whole thing, I called the Parks Department and left a message there, as well as placing an ad in the town's Craiglist Lost and Found section.  I left it at that and prayed it would show up, knowing I didn't deserve for it to.  Chuckle.

Yesterday, as we were pulling into the driveway after church, getting ready to lug tired and worn out kids into the house and into their beds, I heard my phone as it received a text.  I quickly glanced at it and my heart started pounding as I read the text, asking me if I was the one who placed an ad for a lost lens.  Long story short, a nice young man went out to take photos early one morning and found my lens just sitting on the blacktop.  According to him, there are a couple of nicks, but otherwise the lens is in fine condition.  He said he could tell it was a brand new lens and immediately felt bad for whoever lost it.  So there you have it.  The lens is now in my dad's possession, and a $25 coffee gift card seems so inadequate for such a good deed.

This guy restored my faith in people a little bit.  Sure, Twin Falls is a smaller town, people are down-to-earth and friendlier there.  But he could've sold my lens and walked away with some cash in his pocket (he wouldn't have kept it...he shoots Nikon), but he did the right thing.

I'm proud of him.  And so happy to have my lens overnighted to me so I can take it camping this weekend.

Thanks, stranger.  And thank you, mom and dad, for helping me have faith.  For being such wonderful parents.  And for not making me feel worse about myself for what I did.  I love you guys so much!!

Also, I'm going to be insuring my photo gear this week.  :)