Monday, April 18, 2011

30-Hour Famine [guest post]

i had a request from Ami to put this on my blog.  Please check it out!


Hi this is Ami/Ammie depending on where you know me from and I wanted to let you know that I'm going for 30 hours without food come April 29th. That's right, over a day. All I need you to do is go to the link below this paragraph to go to my fundraising page and make a tax deductible donation to sponsor me. Thank you so much for reading this! If you're bored or curious feel free to read on about all the awesome things my youth group and I will be doing to keep up busy during those 30 hours. :D

In the time leading up to and during our 30 hours of fasting, I am going to get a crash course in global hunger and come face to face with the realities of poverty and injustice. My youth group will make a global impact by learning about world hunger and raising money for hungry children around the world through World Vision; a local impact through service projects and raising awareness during our 30 hours; and an individual impact when I will get a small taste of what it is like for hungry kids around the world.

As a youth group during our fast there will be games, which are always fun. More than that though we will be supporting local charities like the Food Bank and Clothes for Kids, which we've volunteered at in years past. Also there will be t-shirt making so have a memento of our time without. Rumor has it that a cardboard village might be taking over our leader Matt Vaughn's backyard as well.

The Famine is my chance and yours to make a difference, our chance to make hunger part of our history not our present, and our chance actually do something about hunger.  My youth group has set a goal, but I've personally set a goal too. Every $30 I raise feeds a child for a whole month, so help me meet my goal!

Thank you for sponsoring me to go without so others can eat.

Want to know where the money raised through the Famine goes? Go to