Thursday, February 24, 2011

:: Liam's Letter ::

Dear Liam,

As I always say, every year, I cannot believe another year has flown by.   You are ONE.  I remember like it was yesterday - when you quietly entered this world in those early evening hours.  I was filled with awe with how easy your delivery was, how quiet you were and how CUTE you were.  My heart instantly grew another size as they settled you onto my chest and I got my first look into your blinky eyes.

You're my sensitive one.  Sudden and loud noises startle you and sometimes make you cry.  You love to snuggle and be sung or read to.  You love giving kisses with your little open mouth..."Muh!"  You clap your hands, play peek-a-boo and wave goodbye.  Your brother and sister never had a day of separation anxiety or stranger danger in their babyhoods.  You cry when I drop you off at the nursery at church and with some strangers.  You're wary of most strangers, but quick to smile at a friendly face.  You're absolutely devoted to the women in your life: grandma, nana, robin...and especially me.  It is not unusual for me to walk by you and see your little arms shoot up - wanting to be held.  And, Oh, do I love that and take every opportunity as it comes, because, if I have learned anything by now, it is this: Time Moves FAST.  It's literally like I blinked and you grew into a toddler.  Yes, you're walking.  Not confidently, but little steps here and there....2 at a time, 3 and sometimes more.  You're getting braver every day.  You love to walk around with me holding your little tiny hands.  Your 1-year checkup the other day went great.  Other than some eczema, you're healthy in every way - something I do not take for granted and thank Jesus for every day.  You're 21 pounds.  You're 30 inches long.  Here are your charts:

weight growth chart

length growth chart

weight for length chart

You are growing perfectly and wonderfully!

You love babbling to yourself and to us.  You have super looooong eyelashes and you are needing a haircut.  You still have big blue eyes.  You love crawling around everywhere and desperately want to keep up with your brother and sister.  You chase them and follow them around and get frustrated when they take off too quickly.  You love dancing to music.  You love to sing.  You love bananas, pasta, veggies and, well, anything except peas.  You still love your paci, but we're going to have to start limiting it to bedtime only.  One of my favorite things you do is when I put you in bed with multiple pacis and watch you switch back and forth between them.  You pop one out and pop another one back in faster than lightening.  You are an incredible sleeper - still at 2 naps a day and aaalll night long, baby.  You're an easy baby to take care of, and love.  You love your bottle (baba) and almost every morning, you crawl like mad to the kitchen sink saying, "baba baba baba."  You get mad if we eat without you, so I put you in your highchair and give you little bites, even if you've already eaten.  I like it when we eat as a family and I want you to be used to that.  Like I mentioned before, you seem to be a bit more tenderhearted than your siblings.  You don't like it when I put you down most of the time.  You don't like it when you can't get to us.  You're quiet most of the time, but HATE getting dressed or changed.  You love baths.  You're very playful and love to make us laugh.  You love to play with cars and your toys - especially ones that make noise.  You HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE wearing any hard-soled shoes.  You literally scream until we take them off.  I've given up putting them on your little fat feet.  All of those cute little Converse are pretty much still brand new.  So, for now, it's socks or soft-soled shoes.  We can't have the dishwasher open or sweep the floors without you harassing us.  I love when you're just waking up and snuggly.  You hate sippy cups.  You get mad when I tell you "no-no".  You don't really like hats, but will tolerate them if I distract you.  You're a momma's boy.

You're my little sunshine and I can't imagine life without you.  Each day I spend with you is such a joy and a pleasure.  You fit right into our family like a little puzzle piece and truly bless us.

I love you, my little son.  I will always call you my baby because you are.  So get used to it.  I'm sure you'll roll your eyes someday.


Your mommy

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