Tuesday, January 25, 2011

:: gooood stuff ::

Welcome to the first post on my new (ish) blog!  I am now self-hosted...HALLELUJAH!!  I have some stuff to learn [and i'm excited], but you probably won't notice much of a difference.  At any rate, besides all that, there is some exciting stuff happening around here.  No.  I'm not pregnant.  But it's good, I promise.  Don't you hate it when people are so vague?  Sorry.

Current loves right now:

DeVotchka, Greg Laswell, Sacred Harp Singing, soups, cornbread, aidangialiam, coffee, girlfriends, friends, brothers/sisters [in-laws too!] and curry, one in diapers.

Dislikes these days:

Running [gah.], housework, laundry, gray hair, babies growing up too fast.  sigh.

happy day, everyone!