Tuesday, December 28, 2010

:: three are thee ::

My Gia Mae,

I could hardly believe it when you woke up this morning.  You seemed...older.  Bigger.  I would love it if you would slow it down a little...I'm not ready to see this.  You are crossing that threshold from toddler to child.  Sweet and innocent, edging on sassy and precocious.  I'm watching your babyhood slip away, as you become more interested in Hotwheels, babies and music.  You love "reading" books and you are CONSTANTLY. SINGING.  Your sweet voice carries through the house as you cycle through your regular favorites (these days: Joy to the World, Where Are You Christmas, Twinkle Twinkle).  You pick your nose.  You say no a LOT.  You have your own opinions and your own way of doing things.  You're stubborn.  SO stubborn.  You're potty trained.  You're becoming more self-sufficient - mastering putting your dishes in the sink, dressing yourself and working on cleaning up after yourself.

You're kind of crazy.  I mean that in the most affectionate way possible.  You have a crazy, quirky sense of humor.  It takes a lot to rattle your cage.  You're pretty laid back and fairly agreeable, except if you really don't want to do something.  You love wearing dresses.  You laugh constantly.  You have the cutest little giggles.  I hate the thought that one day, you'll be grown and I won't hear your teeny tiny voice and little giggle.  I plan on utilizing the video camera more often to capture these moments.  You're smart.  You're learning your ABC's, numbers and words to many more songs.  You love playing with your big brother and are delighted in your little brother.  You're always quick to give mommy a hand when I need it.  You're SO funny.  You have the best little sense of humor.  You have the biggest blue eyes and I'm so glad they have stayed.  You are still a great eater - you love broccoli, macaroni and cheese, pb and honey, fruit and spaghetti.  You still don't drink milk much, except for an occasional chocolate milk when I can get you to drink it.  You love coloring and playing with Play Doh.  You love playing in your little kitchen and helping me in the big kitchen.  You love playing Hotwheels, baby dolls, pushing your stroller, reading books, playing with your new dollhouse, and playing outside.

You adore your family and friends.  You love your daddy fiercely. You love your Auntie Monin and Uncle Chad, Todd and Amanda, Kyle, and everybody you know.  You really want to go to preschool and you insist that you are going to marry your little friend Carver.

I'm not in any hurry to see you grow up, my little bug.  Please don't hurry.  Please, oh please...take your time.  Be small and sweet.  Love your mommy & daddy.  Be your happy and kind little self.  There are big things in store for you in your future, but for now...be my little bug.

I'll always be your mommy.  I'll always remember the moment they placed you into my arms - a warm, squiggling little baby.  I'll never forget the first look into your blue eyes as you recognized me.  You've been a joy for these 3 years.  I'm looking forward to another year of loving you!

Love Always,
Yer mommy.

i love you, bug.