Saturday, November 6, 2010

:: purge ::

This weekend has been good. To me, one of the best feelings in life is cleaning out some closets and hauling bags off to goodwill. Melissa and I went through gia's closet today and tore that sucker apart. It is now beautiful and clean.

Another thing I have always loved is rearranging. I like changes - both obvious and subtle. I remember the feeling when I was a kid when my mom would rearrange a room. I felt strangely invigorated and calmed at the same time. I rearranged gia's room today.

So. I look forward to the next things. The boys' closet. OUR closet. So much to go through and so much to get rid of. It feels amazing to purge the clutter and the junk. Literally and figuratively.

It is transforming. We have so much stuff. So much baggage. So much unnecessary junk. Each bag dropped off is making it easier for me to breathe. It is amazing how much we have that we don't use. Time for that stuff to go.