Wednesday, November 3, 2010

:: progress ::

Today was a good day. Aidan had a great day at preschool, so we went and picked Gia up and took lunch to the park. The kids ate quickly and played for over an hour. The sunshine was glorious, the park was relatively uncrowded, and the quiet (other than the sound of my gleeful kids) was just what I needed. My kids must have sensed the "specialness" of the day, as they each were more relaxed and carefree as they played. They jumped higher. They ran faster. They "slided" faster and laughed louder. It was just what we all needed, really. It was an unusually warm day in the Seattle area (73+ in SeaTac). I am glad we took advantage of it!

After the kids were down for naps, I went for my doctor appointment (more on that later). Blood drawn, I left a little discouraged.

We got back from Aidan's open house a short time ago and now I am snuggled up with my blanket and water WITH MY SISTER, watching TV.

Yes, I rather liked today.