Monday, November 8, 2010

:: normalcy? ::

For the first time since July, we have no housemates. It's just us in our little house. It is a bit...sad for me, as I have become accustomed to having an extra body around. Adult conversation. A helping hand with the kids. Laughter. Singing. The kids will miss having uncle Billy to play Monsters with. Liam will miss his smooches and cuddles. Ryan will miss the testosterone. I will miss him sneaking tastes out of whatever I am cooking for dinner. And his piano playing. And saying things just to shock him.

Back to normal and back into a routine. It's good. They think it is ridiculous for me to be sad. He lives, like, 10 minutes away! Still...
He should know that he is welcome to pop in for a visit any time! Love you, brother. I am so proud of you. I know you probably miss home a little bit and maybe feel a little misplaced, but you are with good people - a family. And you have friends here too. Please stick around! Love you SO much. You are DOING IT!