Tuesday, November 16, 2010

:: lessons on pie ::

i made 2 pumpkin pies today.  one was homemade - out of a pie pumpkin from Trader Joe's, using their recipe.  the other was with canned pumpkin pie filling.  i made homemade crust for both.

The Verdict:
The TJ pie was HORRIBLE.  The texture was right, the spices were right; it was just BLAND.  If I would've added sugar, it would've been perfect.  (lesson learned: TASTE the pie before pouring into pie crust).  Anyway, I was embarrassed and made everyone throw theirs away (if they hadn't already).  I apologized profusely and dove into the other pie.
The canned pumpkin pie was AWESOME.  It looked, smelled, and tasted better.  It was a brighter orange and a little denser.  So, so good.

Oh, and the crusts?  Both were delightfully perfect.  Since most of my day was spent doing those pie crusts, I would've melted into a heap of exhausted tears if those hadn't turned out amazing.

Welp.  I guess I'll know for next time.

here's a photo for no reason.