Friday, November 5, 2010

:: it's just a robot ::

Aidan has been curious about Star Wars ever since our friend Todd gave him a realistic lightsaber ("lightsaver") for his birthday and also dressed up as Darth Vader for Halloween. Star Wars is a childhood right of passage, much like wedgies, noogies and indian burns.

Dinner is finished, the dishes are washed and the kitchen is clean. Liam is snug in his bed. Ryan, Melissa, Billy and I are sitting up in our loft, watching Star Wars with Aidan and Gia. They have never seen it before. Aidan keeps asking, "Is he bad? Are they bad?" Ryan's last reply was, "No, it's just a robot. "

I guess I didn't realize Aidan thought of people or things as good vs. bad yet. I mean, we tell him to be a good boy, but we never tell him he is bad. I guess it is just a natural, normal realization, but it struck me for some reason as a little sad when Aidan asked about the bad guys. I know we can't shelter him from the unfortunate negative things or deny there is any bad in the world, but I feel like I want him to be a little naive for a little bit longer. I don't want him to fear bad. I don't want him to wonder about people he knows. is necessary and a part of life and raising kids, I suppose. And a part of keeping him safe. I just wasn't ready yet.

(Aidan just tucked his Hee Hee onto my shoulder and said I could cuddle him until the movie is over. Silly boy.)

Anyway, I have so many great memories watching the trilogy with my dad and brothers back in the day. I am so excited to watch it with my kids. And so is Ryan. He is downright giddy.

We've been waiting for this day.
The wedgies (or "stuffies", as we call them in our family thanks to Melissa) are next.

Ps. You should see the grin on Ryan's face as he watches Aidan watch this movie. I am so glad he got boys.

Although, his little girl hasn't moved since the movie began.