Friday, November 12, 2010

:: The Farm ::

Last month, Aidan and I headed to The Farm in Snohomish with his preschool class.

Aidan and Tegan (a neighbor/classmate/crush of his)
I heard a little voice next to me ask, "Will you hold my hand?"  I looked down at Jacob.  So cute.
So this is us.  holding hands.  :)

bright eyes
the patch
big pumpkin


There were a bunch of hay bales that the kids were running around and jumping on.  Aidan watched them, but would not participate.  As soon as the group of kids moved on, this is where I found him.  He is getting braver and much more coordinated gross-motor-skill-wise.  I loved taking photos when he didn't know I was waching him.
running along the bales...

...all the way around...

...rounding the corner...

...coming to a stop...

...decision time...

here is where I really thought he was going to jump!...

...but he changed his mind at the last minute.

scootin' down.

almost there...

done and done.

on to something else.  I don't try to push things as far as his confidence.  I encourage, but let him decide if he's gonna take the leap or not.  He's getting braver...he is still so small compared to his classmates!

I love how he throws his head back when he laughs.

that's my boy.

pumping water is an important task.

contemplating the choice of pumpkin.

hey, i made it on here!!!

excellent choice!