Monday, November 1, 2010

:: and so it begins ::

Halloween is over :(  Every year, I have mixed emotions on November 1st.  Sadness that my favorite holiday is over (and on a weekend, too...bonus!), but excitement and anticipation for the holiday season and all it brings.  My two older kids will be so excited this year, as they are old enough to really get into it.  Decorating, the Advent calendars, the Christmas story, cookies and milk for Santa, cutting down/decorating our tree, Thanksgiving...I'm super excited.  Last year, being so pregnant, I was limited on what I could do.  I was super sick for most of November and December, with horrible colds and bruised ribs from coughing.  This year, I plan on making up for lost time.  :)

More importantly, it'll be our first holiday season with our complete family.

I'm blessed.

Halloween pictures up as soon as I can get them!