Tuesday, October 5, 2010

:: and life settles back into normal ::

I got a call from a previous employer last spring (April-ish?), asking me if I wanted to come fill in for the summer while one of the admins goes on maternity leave.  I agreed, not really thinking too much about the logistics of working part-time with 3 small kids at home.  As July loomed closer, I realized that I was NOT prepared to leave my babies (especially my littlest), as I was still working out childcare and all that stuff.  Ryan agreed to WFH Wednesdays and Fridays, which helped a lot, but it was tough for him to get any work done with a preschooler, toddler and a (then) 5 month-old.  We never did get settled into a routine, but I had a ton of help from my sister, Ami, Robin and my brother on the Mondays when I needed someone.  **BTW, Seriously...how do the single moms do it?  My hat's off to them...  I spent the summer feeling rushed, anxious, swamped, messy and frazzled.  BUT, it was worth it.  I was able to pull some extra finances in for a few months to help out with some stuff AND have some adult conversation and interaction- which, these days, is priceless.  Also, it was kind of fun to be the one walking out the door, leaving Ryan with the kids for the day.  :)

The summer flew by, my kids are bigger - especially Liam.  I literally blinked and now he's huge, and my house...well, my house needs some TLC.  Repainting a few walls, doing some reorganizing, and general cleaning, will surely help.  Delia's potty training majorly regressed over the summer, but my potty boot camp started yesterday and she's only had 1 accident in 2 days.  I think she's going to be done by Friday.  She's such a champ.

As we ease into fall, I plan on making a few changes personally and trying to get us all back into a rhythm somehow.  Another change...

My brother, Billy, moved in with us August 28th.  We pretty much kidnapped him - no, he just decided a change of scenery/lifestyle would be nice and will be staying with us for another month or so, unless he gets moved out beforehand.  It's been fun having him here, even though we hardly see him except for weekends.  He scored a job at the company I was working for during the summer (a beverage company) and is working out on the bottling line.  His hours are late afternoon until midnight, so we still have a (somewhat) normal evening with the kids and Ryan and I, which is nice.  He's doing great though, and we are happy to have him here.  The kids adore him and he's been a huge help with them too.  We'll definitely miss him when he moves out!  But...you can only sleep on a couch for so long.

So, that's what's been going on in our neck of the woods.  I have a hot date with a pile of laundry and all three kids are napping, so I'm going to get to it.

more later...