Tuesday, September 7, 2010

:: fall[OUT] ::

hello, world.  i'm still here...still alive.  too busy, too busy...sigh.  i've been working a ton, going out of town, having housemates (more on that later) and trying to keep my chin above water.
it's september - we are on the cusp of my favorite FAVORITE time of year.  things i am looking forward to this fall [in no particular order]:

- changing my wallflowers to my favorite fall scents.
- candy corn.
- little twee pumpkins everywhere in my house.
- halloween [my favorite holiday. ever.]
- trick or treating
- costumes for the kids
- big pots of soups and stews on football sundays
- tons of people crammed in our loft on football sundays
- pumpkin bars
- our yearly vacation with good friends [usually orcas island, this time ft. flagler]
- fall beers
- crisp, cold sunshine
- rain
- preschool [aidan's in 3-day this year instead of two, and he'll have many of his friends from last year in his class :)]
- the pumpkin patch [family trip and aidan's preschool trip]
- fall colors, inside and out.
- not working anymore.
- Survivor thursdays [it's on Wednesday this season, but we'll DVR it for Thursdays]
- being home to finish up some projects around the house [including poor aidan's Mariners room].
- KNITTING with my girls.

I just love fall - I love everything about it except the shorter days.  That part I could do without.  I'm looking forward to not working and having more time to blog as well.  I look forward to schedules again and routine.  I am only working part time, but to all of you working moms out there...

my hat's off to you.