Wednesday, August 18, 2010

:: Our Story - Part One :: [caution: looooong post]

I was 18 - he was 23.  I had just finished singing a solo at church, which totally went horribly.  Trying to walk out of the auditorium as quickly as I could, I noticed this boy leaning against the wall - tall, lean, wearing jeans, a t-shirt and converse shoes, dark (later I learned it was burgundy-ish), pierced and...handsome.  I got about 3 feet away from him when I heard him speak.  "Nice song," is all he said.  I sheepishly mumbled "thanks" and walked away.  Through the next few months, I would see him at church, always noticing him, nodding a hello when the opportunity presented itself.  I was busy serving a year of what was called "Masters Commission" (google it if you must...but please be aware that our particular year was hardly what I would call legit), so most of my time was spent with youth students, my group-mates or off doing some sort of service project (better known as "busywork").  That winter, we were in charge of the Christmas Tree lot at the church.  Jill and I frequently visited the boys, cleaning their trailer (on loan from a couple in the church - the boys stayed there for security reasons), bringing them food and hanging out.  One particular night, that boy was there again, hanging out in the trailer.  We stayed a couple of hours, had our first real conversation (don't remember what it was about) and by the end of the night, he was handing me a piece of paper with his email address on it (we didn't have cell phones).  I also gave him mine.

When I got home, I had my first email.

And thus began an exclusive email relationship for many months.  We'd "talk" quite extensively on email, but whenever we'd see each other at church, we'd clam up and say a quick "hello."  One Sunday, I was standing near the stairs in the lobby at the church when he walked up and all he said was, "I like your dress."  We continued an email relationship for some time.

One evening after Sunday service, my friend DeAnne and I decided to go to lunch.  Somehow, we ended up in his car out for a drive.  He pulled into Weinerschnitzel  (sp?) and as he switched off the car, I heard Vanilla Ice "Ice, Ice Baby" playing as a white VW Corrado parked right next to us.  I turned and saw Victor and Kyle Duncan rocking out, thinking to myself, "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!"  I didn't know at the time that these people would one day become some of my best friends.  I just thought they were completely insane for the first 5 minutes, then I quickly got to know them and saw how insanely COOL they were.  And they still are.  Anyway, back to Weinerwhatever...we had lunch outside, then the boy and DeAnne took me for my first ferry ride - over to Whidbey Island and back.  It was a great day.

I worked at Applebee's.  HE would come and visit me - usually with groups of people.  He soon began visiting me at work alone.  Dropping by to say hi.  Sitting and waiting until the end of my shift, when I would come sit and we'd talk for hours.  The visits increased.  We went to a movie (The Mummy - it was horrible) and talked through the whole thing and in his car afterwards.  We awkwardly and secretly held hands under the table one time.  One night in his car, he leaned over and I thought he was going to kiss me.  He did.  He kissed me.  On the cheek.  As the visits became more frequent, I began to get a little bit nervous.  Unsure of what his intentions really were, along with the fact that my previous relationship was awful and terrible and horrible, I decided to date another guy, despite my growing feelings for this guy.  I can't really explain why - I think I just wanted safety and I knew the guy I was dating wouldn't and couldn't hurt a flea.  He was not my type at all, though, and I quickly became bored.  He would always accuse me of having feelings for someone else and he was right.  During this relationship, we helped my cousins plant a church in Lynnwood.  My cousin had talked to the Boy about the church and he wanted to be a part of it.  This spoke volumes to me, as I was still dating this other guy.  Our church plant started out in homes, meeting in groups.  We'd have small, intimate settings and incredible worship times, usually led by Him.  And then sometime, during this process, I fell.  Hard.  Michelle knew it before I did.  She would tell me and I would deny it, until I just couldn't deny it anymore.  I just knew I could not be with anybody else.  I quickly broke off the relationship I was in, knowing I was wasting precious time.

One evening, a group of us were going to a movie.  He was there and asked me to ride with him in his Volkswagen Thing.  I climbed in and he drove off.  He looked at me and said, "I've missed you."  I don't remember what I said, but I think it might have been along the lines of "I'm single."...I don't know.  He took off right after the movie...much to my disappointment.

I found out that evening that he was dating another girl.

[ be continued]