Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Days.  That's how old my oldest boy is now.  *sob*
We just wrapped up a whirlwind of a weekend celebrating our oldest, Aidan.  Saturday, we packed 45+ people in our house (thanks to the northwest weather) for some cupcakes, pinata and all-around catching up with friends.  We have a great group of friends and family, by the way.  Aidan was the star of the day and I think for the first time, he knew it.  I loved watching him interact with his little friends, duck his head shyly as we sang his birthday song, shyly thank our guests for his gifts as loud as he could after opening him, and swinging that baseball bat to try to crack open the pinata (that Uncle Chad and Aunt "Monin" so lovingly stuffed with 7 lbs of treats).  The kid was positively glowing the whole entire day.  I'm so proud of the little man he is.  Without further ado, here is his letter.

Dear Boy,

You are only 4 (not 5, as you so vehemently stated yesterday, almost giving mommy a heart attack).  You are already 4!!!  4 years ago at this time, I was sitting.  A lot.  But I was holding the most beautiful baby boy I had ever seen.  My first born.  This is the first year that I looked at you as a little boy - not a baby or a toddler.  A boy.  A big boy.  Your accomplishments this past year astound me.  You finished your first year of preschool.  Making friends and being independent of mommy for the first time both frightened and delighted me.  You brought your drums for show n' tell, along with Hee Hee and some of your favorite Hotwheels cars.  You proudly held the flag on your special day for the pledge of allegiance.  You brought home many beautiful projects and pictures, some of which I will keep forever.  You blossomed.  You learned.  You are so stinkin' smart!  You are always full of questions, curious and inquisitive.  You love learning to read.  You love music.  You adore Led Zepplin.  You love playing your drums and the piano - and you're amazing at it.  You became fully, completely 100% potty trained.  You love peeing outside.  You love to sing and hear silly songs.  You have developed a wonderful, hysterical sense of humor.  You're constantly noticing things happening around you.  You've become very affectionate.  You constantly tell me and a select few lucky others, "I love you.  And I like you too."  You give amazing hugs.  You love your little sister.  You tease her sometimes (that's your job), but you two also play very well together.  You're becoming best friends.  You adore your baby brother.  We went to the doctor's office for Liam's checkup and when I told you he would be getting "pokes" you solemnly said, "Let me stand by him so he can see me."  When the time came, you calmly told him, "Don't worry buddy -- I'm right here."  I had tears in my eyes.  You are one terrific big brother and those two are so lucky to have you to watch over them.  You are learning more about Jesus and how to pray.  You are very polite.  You hardly ever miss a please or thank you.  You do have your fair share of time outs, as you are very stubborn and emotional at times.  You do have a mischievous streak.  You get a little look in your eye and I know either you did something or are about to.  You love running in the sprinkler, riding your bike and playing with your friends.  Your favorite foods are fruit, shrimp, oatmeal, pasta and pizza.  At your birthday party, you licked off all of the strawberry icing, leaving the cake and ice cream.  You request apples or oranges instead of french fries.  You love smoothies.  You just love fruit.  Period.  You love Cars and Toy Story.  You love anything that has to do with racing.  You put together your Hotwheels racetrack and line up all of your cars (which are many) along the road very carefully.  You love baseball, which is why we're making your room a Mariners room for your birthday.  You love Converse shoes, just like your daddy does.

You have a huge heart and I look forward to you change even more as you enter boyhood.  Along with that, I know, we'll face new challenges.  You'll learn new things.  You'll learn more about life and the world - how beautiful it is, but how ugly it can be.  The hardest thing I will have to teach you is that although most people are good, there are some that cannot be trusted.  That some people do bad things.  Right now, you really know no strangers and trust just about everyone.  It will be sad to see that innocence change.  Mommy and Daddy will teach you so many new things this year - more about Jesus, this life, this world and other things, but the most important thing you need to know right now, right here is that we love you.  We'd move mountains for you.  We'd do anything to protect you and make you happy.  We're excited for you and your new year.  You're so big now.  As I'm stuck here in this limbo of happy/sad, I have to remember that I gave you to God and you are His - not mine.  As we dedicated you to Him a few years back, I promised that I would do my best to raise you, as you are ultimately "on loan" to me.  He loves you more than I ever could - and that, my son, is unfathomable.

Your tousled brown hair, quirky bright smile and big, honest blue eyes could bring me to my knees.  You have this mama wrapped so tightly.  I adore you.  I'm proud of you.  I'm in awe of you.  You are my best work.  My masterpiece.  My heart.

Your Mommy.


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