Friday, June 11, 2010

:: what works for me ::

Some - or ALL of these things, may drive you nuts.  Having 3 kids has caused me to realize that there are some things that I would love to do on a regular basis that I just have to let go of.  Now, please realize (as my mom can attest to) I have never been, nor will be, a neat freak.  But that doesn't mean messes don't bother me.  I've just had to be ok with things.  Make peace with the fact that everything will never ever ever be done.  But there are some wonderful things that DO work for me too.

What works for me:

- not cleaning out the fishbowl on a regular basis....or ever.  Poor fish.
- not sweeping under the dining room table until the end of day...or next day.
- leaving laundry in baskets, folded and clean.
- only deep cleaning the guest bathroom and the kids' bathroom, leaving ours until later...much later.
- never dusting.  like, ever.  at least very rarely.  this one does bug me a little.
- my two (YES TWO) junk drawers.
- giving poor Liam a quick spongie bath instead of a soaker in his tub.
- not clipping fingernails/toenails (theirs, not mine)
- not vacuuming the stairs.
- The Pit (aka my closet...shudder)...this one is getting to me as well.
- unfinished knitting projects to pick up later.
- picking up meat at a local butcher shop...words can not describe.
- my treadmill.
- the rain (I know, I'm weird.  But I also grew up with lots of hot weather.  I love the rain...)

What doesn't work for me:
- dishes in the sink.
- our garage.
- my messy car.
- pee (especially on floors.  in bathrooms.)
- dirty sinks.
- the empty spaces all over my walls that need pictures hung on them.
- hospital bills without itemized statements.
- putting off my dentist appointment.  I know, I know...I worked for dentists.  doesn't mean I have to like going.
- blowing off a running day.
- soda.
- my athletic shoes.  I need running ones.
- my weight. (working on this one too)
- putting off phone calls.
- my stained couch....ahhh kids.
- carpet stains...ahhh kids.
- clutter (i'm really going to start working on this one.  i'm tossin' stuff, people).
- the kids' clothes/closet storage situation.  halp.
- infrequent blogging *waving*
- Never seeing my brothers and families.
- Missing a good friend from NV (Amanda...sigh).
- Being far from my parents and sister.
- a dying phone battery.  I HATE dying batteries.
- my kids' keyboard...yep...dying batteries.  Sounds awful.

Anyway...I could go on.  What about you?