Wednesday, June 2, 2010

:: W3D1 Redux ::

So...instead of doing week 3 last week, I decided to redo week 2.  Just wasn't sure I was ready to take on the next week.  Enter W3D1 today.  I took some days off with camping (although I got a good long walk in) and have been dealing with some knee pain.  Today, I felt gooooood.  I'm back on the saddle, people.  Just thought you should know.  :)

It's 11:49PM and I should probably be getting to bed.  I have a lot on my brain and when I have a lot on my brain, I cannot sleep.  Praying for rest tonight.  Praying for answers to prayer for my family in different areas.  Praying for strength to reach personal goals.

It's quiet with everyone asleep except me.  It's lovely.  But it's off to bed for me.

It's a short week for most - the weekend's almost here!!