Saturday, June 5, 2010

:: At Last ::

It's a beautiful morning.

I hear:
- Ryan is mowing the lawn.
- Gia is eating her breakfast...crunching of Honey Nut Cheerios
- The rocking of the swing...Liam's favorite place to be (besides in my arms, of course)
- Aidan humming as he watches Ryan out the window.
- The beeeeep of the coffee pot as it shuts down.
- I just got a text.

Things I am not hearing:

That's right folks, he's gone.  My neighbor (friends of the dog-owners, who have also filed noise complaints..against their FRIENDS- that's how bad it was) told me a month or so ago that the family decided it was "too much dog" for them and got rid of it.  And they're moving.  So, whatever.  I immediately began dancing with glee because OMG, if you've read my previous posts, this was really a big headache for me every summer.  And any other sunny day.  I waited awhile to blog about it to se if it was really true...and it IS!!  So, either the long arm of the law finally worked or the people finally got a clue.  Either way, I'm happy.  Ecstatic, really.  I'm thinking about throwing a party so you all can come over and hear the dog NOT BARKING.  I no longer have to wait for it to die*!  Hallelujah!


*I really do like animals, especially dogs - good dogs, friendly dogs, and dogs who don't bark constantly keeping people up at night.