Tuesday, April 6, 2010

:: i can't believe my life ::

So, I was mentioning to Ryan the other day that I am having a hard time posting things on my blog, coming up with ideas and getting them out of my head.  He said, "You have kids now...you have plenty of material."  He's so right.  That's pretty much all I've ever written about anyway, right?  So, I thought I'd challenge myself to write about something else.  I thought just take a little glimpse back at my life and share some interesting (maybe not) things.  And then post about my kids.  :)

I'm adopted.  I was 18 months, my brothers were 2 and 4 (?).  We were adopted by my biological mother's sister and her husband.  (It is so weird to type that, because it's just mom and dad to me).  I don't remember anything.  I just know that the situation was not good and we were very very close to being split up into foster care and lost in the system forever.  I am grateful every day for our rescue.  And to go from no kids to 3 under the age of 5?!?  How brave were they?!  I cannot imagine.  My parents are going to get extra big jewels on their crowns in heaven.  Anyway, we settled into the life of being pastor's kids, living in Oregon, growing up in Nevada - 2 boys and 1 girl, just like my little family.

For many years, growing up in Carson City, Nevada, we lived in a house with some property.  There were horse stalls/corrals in the back.  One snowy, dark Christmas morning, we were awakened with some strange gifts.  Leads, bridles...a saddle...our parents had gotten us a Shetland pony for Christmas.  How cool were they?!  I mean, I can proudly tell people that yes - we had a pony when we were kids.  She was a mean little thing, trying to buck us off at every opportunity, brushing my brothers up against the fence as she walked by to try to knock them off, biting our rears, hands - anything she could sink her teeth into.  She was a mean, mean thing, but we LOVED her.  Cocoa was her name.  She was light brown with a mane and tail the color of marshmallowy foam on top of a mug of hot cocoa.  Thus, her name.  I loved that pony.  I'd go out and brush her religiously, break up her ice in her trough, feed her.  In return, she learned to love me.  From a certain point, I never got bucked, nipped, bit, or brushed against a fence.  I remember many a Sunday coming home from church to find her escaped from her corral and finding her next door in the neighbor's corral, standing side by side with Major - the neighbor's HUGE old retired horse (this horse was used in the war - thus, his name).  They looked so odd standing next to each other, nibbling at the grass.  This happened quite often.  Maybe they were in love.  I don't know.  I remember feeling a little guilty each time we led her back into her own corral.  Like we were messing with a beautiful relationship.  Destroying their happiness - their equine love affair.  One day, I came home from school and Cocoa was gone.  To "Sunnyside Farms".  I never even got to say goodbye.  I'm still a little bitter.

We lived next to some sagebrush fields (I can still smell the sour, earthy, sagey smell).  We made forts in the sagebrush.  Played hide and seek, capture the flag and other games out in those sagebrush fields.  We always came in reeking of brush.  I wonder if some of our treasures are still out there all rusted and deteriorated.  Anyway, I was a girl who played with boys.  Cars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Go Bots (remember those?), riding bikes, climbing trees, soccer - everything the boys did, I did.  And I did it well.  Amen.  Delia reminds me a little bit of myself.  I love watching her play hotwheels with her brother.  Interestingly, she and Aidan are exactly the same age difference as my older brother and I.  To the month.  I did not plan it this way.  And it's perfect.

In other news,

We went to Idaho recently.  Here are some photos from that trip.  It was a great trip!  Liam did wonderfully on his first long road trip.  Happy Tuesday, people.

meeting uncle billy

playing mini golf.  i got two holes in one.  because i am awesome.

nana and papa!

dinner at the sandeno's

gia and oscar

aidan and otto, kickin' the tires.