Saturday, March 6, 2010

:: 2 weeks old ::

So I think it's safe to say we survived the first two weeks with three - THREEEEEE, as in (3) kids. Aside from Gia's hitting for the first time, and colds all around, we've done pretty darn well. My mom (bless her) stayed for a few days after Liam came home, as I worked my way through those first days of newborn-y fog. Liam is such a great little baby. Still eating every 3 hours or so, but last night, he went 4.5 hours! I only had to wake up for one feeding, which was so wonderful. I really can't complain though- he never cries unless he's naked or really hungry and I am not getting to him fast enough. He sleeps probably 21 out of 24 hours and only grunts in the night when he's hungry. And he usually quickly goes back to sleep after a 10 minute feeding and quick diaper change, which is awesome. He is such a cute little guy and is just so pleasant to have around!

I am feeling wonderful. Definitely not like I had a baby 2 weeks ago! I have a couple of days here and there with some cramping, but I just take a half of a pain pill with some Motrin and that usually does the trick for me. But this third time around...way easier than even Gia, who was actually smaller. Anyway, I'm up and running around like nobody's business and it's wonderful. I've lost over 25 pounds. In 2 weeks. I'm feeling really, really good. I went and got a new haircut and color yesterday and I feel like a new woman. :) Ryan has taken off 4 weeks - we're halfway through his paternity leave and are going to head to Idaho next weekend during my sister's spring break, so Liam can meet my dad and sister (and other family members). I'm excited to get out of the house!! I'm so thankful that Ryan has a job that allows him to take so much time for his family. It is such a blessing!! It's been so nice having him home, but I think he's surprised at how much work these kids are CONSTANTLY. Hopefully, he appreciates me a little more...(grin).

So, I'm ready. Ready for life. Ready to rejoin the world with my three littles and appreciate our normal, new, everydays. I love our new, completed little family. I look proudly at my babies and think to myself, "I did this. I DID THIS. I am amazing." Because....really....I am.