Monday, February 8, 2010

:: moving along ::

Not much news on this end these days.  I went in for another NST this morning - baby and I both are moving right along.  I'm having sporadic contractions, some painful and some not as bad.  My next move is a dr. appointment on Thursday, unless something happens before then.  BAH.  I'm trying to not be too antsy or impatient...but I am.  And I'm fearful as Liam gets bigger and bigger.  My recovery with Aidan was HORRIBLE.  Trying to not have anxiety...

So that's it for now.  It's pretty quiet.  Waiting for something to happen...At any event, the doctor says we'll induce before 39 weeks, which is 10 days away, so either way we'll have a baby soon.  Trying to enjoy the peace and quiet for now.

Thank you to everyone for your comments, encouragement and prayers!  They've really meant a whole lot to me.

And if you see Ryan, give him a pat on the back.  He's really stepped up and is helping me out a lot!

Happy Monday, all.