Thursday, February 4, 2010

:: "modified" bedrest? ::

Will someone tell me what that means?

Yesterday was a long day.  The doctor's office called me around noon to tell me my bloodwork came back "elevated", so they would like me to come into triage.  Again.  So, grandma and bompa came to watch the kids while Ryan and I made the trek to Triage.  I swear, we could drive there in our sleep.  Anyway, after a couple of hours of monitoring and some more blood draws, they were about to send me home when I started having contractions.  They gradually got worse and closer together, so they decided to have me walk for 1 hour, then re-check.  After 1 hour, I went from 1 to 2.5 cm and 50% effaced (google it if you want to).  I know you can stay at 2 cm for weeks, so I didn't get too excited.  The contractions then got even stronger about 3 minutes apart, so the doctor was hesitant to send me home.  So I got to walk another hour.  After that hour, I had not changed, so THEN they sent me home.  Over 7 hours wasted.  Sigh.

I visited yet another doctor (mine's out of town) today for my weekly checkup, who then ordered more NST's every two days, beginning tomorrow.  Baaaaah.  The contractions have subsided somewhat, which is good/bad, but we all have the overall feeling I probably won't make it to 39 weeks.  I'm 37 today.  So, we'll see.  Until then, I am now on "modified bedrest" and hoping I don't get put on full bedrest.  There are a couple of other icky things going on that I won't blog (you're welcome). It would be nice to go into labor on my own, which I am hoping for, as long as my bp is stable.  But if history tends to repeat itself...

So, stay tuned!  This is one wacky ride and I'd like to get off of it, please.