Monday, January 11, 2010

:: packing, cleaning, pee, death and other mysterious things ::

some random thoughts:

I just overheard Aidan in his monitor telling Hee-Hee "You're not going to die!"  When do kids usually pick up on the death thing?  I can't recall any conversations that have included that word, other than pertaining to batteries that have "died".  When do we explain?  How much do we explain?  DO we explain, or wait until they ask?  I know nothing.  Selah.

Delia is really becoming a champ at going #1 on the potty.  Huge claps and shouts and dances paired with M&M's (or "nums") are helpful.  It's great to see her little face light up as she realizes her accomplishments.  So proud, so proud.  Now, if I can just keep the momentum going.  I realize I'm a little backwards and insane doing it now, right when we're getting ready for a new baby.  But she's showing interest, so I can't ignore it.  Plus, the less diapers around here, the better.

My mom is coming soon.  She is my angel.  I'm past the point of feeling disturbed about how, well, disturbing my house looks when she comes.  She's so good at cleaning and getting things done that I feel so blessed and thankful when she arrives.  The crazy look gleams in her eye and I know a day of cleaning is about to begin.  She's a go-getter.  And a godsend.  Thank you, mom, and I apologize in advance for the state of my kitchen floors.  I just can't get down there.  I'd never get back up.  And those swiffers are kind of a joke compared to good ol' fashioned elbow grease, IMHO.  But don't worry mom.  That's pretty much the worst of it.  The rest is just getting organized for this baby and helping me remember what it is I need.  Hallelujah.  Oh, and maybe some light dusting.  Joking...I feel so guilty.

I've started my list for what to pack for the hospital.  "They" say to have a bag packed by 35 weeks.  Just in case.  I don't really remember what I packed with Aidan, and with Delia, they kept me after my 37 week appointment which I was unprepared for and had to send my mom (the angel) back to the house to get stuff.  SO, I'd like to be a little more prepared this time around.  For those of you who have done this, when did you pack?  WHAT did you pack?  What did you need, but forgot?  What did you bring, but didn't end up needing?  I hate underpacking and I HATE overpacking.  Can you tell me?

I am making a ham today.  My house smells of ham and it smells pretty dang good.  I'm not usually a huge fan of things hammy, but for some reason...I craved it.  I'm so weird.  I had a craving for rice krispy treats yesterday so I made some.  I constantly crave Orange Juice.  Cravings are weird.  Candy canes have been another addiction (the Jelly Belly ones, in particular).  Guess I better eat them while I can.  Well, I better get my huge house of a self off the couch and ta-cleanin'.

Hope you're all having a great day out there.

random picture I came across from Christmas. He did it himself.