Saturday, January 30, 2010

:: chewy and detta ::

I took Delia to Fred Meyer yesterday to get a few things and kill some time before picking Aidan up from preschool.  We wandered over to the kids' clothes area to see if I could find any good clearance deals.  Gia was patiently sitting in the cart as I browsed through the boys' clothing rack.  I heard a big sigh come from her before she said, "I need Chewy.  Need Detta."  I said, "What?!  What did you just say?"

Chewy is Keri  and Detta is Rebecca (Becca).  Auntie Becca and Auntie Keri have known my kids since, well, before they were born.  Aidan was in the womb when we met.  They have always so generously taken my kids frequently, spending time with them, giving me breaks when I needed them desperately.  They have the HUGEST, biggest hearts - you have no idea.  And to top it all off, my kids love them.  Their names come up very often in our home.

AND Keri and Becca first introduced my daughter to shopping.  They showed her the ropes, and I guess now she only wants to shop with them.  Oh, but don't worry - I'll weasel my way in there somehow.  I'll take her to Claire's (she LOVES "pretties" or, accessories).  Bwa ha haaaa.

Thank you, Keri & Becca, for all you do.  My kids love you.  And so do I.