Saturday, January 16, 2010

:: 34 and almost there! ::

Things are pretty quiet over here now.  I did have one afternoon with some pretty gnarly, steady contractions, but they eventually went away.  I'm still getting tons of braxton hicks.  I went to the doctor Thursday for a check up - baby looks great, sounds great.  Doc said 2 more weeks (36 weeks) and I can just go any time.  That both relieves me AND freaks me out.  In no, way, shape or form do I feel ready for this baby.  (*Cue music from heaven)  My mom's coming to help me feel more sane!!  I'm so excited and grateful!  My house is in disarray and I just find myself wandering around in circles aimlessly, overwhelmed at everything that needs to be done.  It's like nesting at its best, but no energy to follow through.  Very frustrating.  If I can get just a little bit of order around here, I will feel much better.  Like just getting some diapers and putting them in their right spot (wherever that is) and filling wipes containers, purchasing new bottles (glass or bpa free this time) and other odds and ends, would make me feel so much better!  Anyway, I think we're on the home stretch.  Amen.


- weighs approx. 4 3/4 pounds (cantaloupe)

- 18 inches long (!!)

- fat layers are filling out, making him rounder

- central nervous system is maturing, as well as his lungs

- still constantly flipping/moving, but is head down.

- is running out of room in there!


- contractions, as stated above

- tired and big

that's about it!

I should post a picture...I'll try to do that today.  I'm very bad at those things, so no promises!

Almost there, people!  Thanks for following along with me during this pregnancy.  And now, I get to present Ryan with the little gift Dr. Nicolov gave me to give to's a pamphlet....guess what it's about!!!  :)