Tuesday, December 15, 2009

:: thirty ::

So, since I've been MIA blogwise lately, I'll try to play a little catch-up with this post.  First of all, I've been SICK SICK SICK for a month now, but seem to be finally crawling out of it.  Still blowing my nose and coughing, but not feeling nearly as miserable.  Got myself a nice bruised rib from all of the coughing, though.  And let's just say...extremely pregnant woman with a gnarly cough...poor bladder.  It was touch and go there for awhile.  OK, TMI.  Sorry.  Not.

Now that the fog is clearing, I can finally face the holidays.  I've been too sick/listless to finish my decorating.  We have a beautiful tree this year and lovely, cozy decorations - complete with ornaments colored by the kids.  After I'm done, maybe I'll do a little house tour.  Also, Ryan did put up lights outside this year, much to Aidan and Delia's delight.  Ok, and mine.  Next is to get some holiday baking done and attend a whole slew of Christmas parties this week without dying.

A couple of Friday nights ago, some of my favorite girls and I went down to Bellevue to have a lovely dinner and watch A Christmas Carol in IMAX 3D.  It was coooooold, but a great night! 

Two weekends ago, we all went out to cut our tree down with Gramma and Bompa, which is our tradition each year (missed you, Harris').  We headed out to Reade Christmas Tree Ranch and found a beautiful douglas fir - about 8' for a really great price.  They even netted it for us for FREE.  Awesome service, really nice people and a gorgeous farm.  We warmed up with some (free) hot chocolate and cider before heading home to celebrate Julie's birthday with family and friends.

at the tree farm

The next day, I dragged my dying self out with Rebecca, Heather and Keri to Qwest Field to watch the Seahawks beat the Forty-Niners.  The first half was spent freezing in our seats.  Luckily, we had club passes so we could use the nicer restrooms and warm up when we needed to.  The second half, we crashed a suite where Keri's dad and brother were watching the game.  It was warmer, plus free coffee/water, a private bathroom and an incredible view.  Topping it off with a win just completed a perfect afternoon.  After that, I headed to watch Ryan's band play at a local art gallery.  I just love watching him play.  He plays the accordian and sings (non-polka style) with a few other nice guys.  It's apparent that he loves doing this and I try to be as supportive as possible, knowing this is a great outlet for him.  I love seeing him do things that make him happy.   I love him.

The next week was spent pretty much on my back, trying to kick this cold.  We spent a few evenings hanging out with the Lowery's and had a nice, relaxing weekend.  Laura's dad dressed up as Santa Clause and brought the kids (and a few of their friends) presents.  Both Aidan and Delia were hesitant, but only Delia got a little upset.  It was a great idea by Laura for sure!  Gia said, "Hi, Danta!" but wouldn't let him come near her.  It was awesome.

This week has been pretty slow (thank goodness) so far and I've been able to lay low again for a few days of it, before it gets really crazy beginning tomorrow evening.  I love it though - this is really my favorite time of year and I'm lucky to be able to go to different events and spend the holidays with such amazing friends and family.  This is also the first year that Aidan is catching on about Christmas and he's getting really excited.  We've been counting down the days on our Advent Calendars.

Tomorrow, I will be at 30 weeks.  Good GRIEF!!! I'm almost there!  Here is my 30 week post:


- is about 15.7 inches long

- weighs almost 3 pounds!

- eyesight is continuing to develop.

- is running out of room.  quickly.  I happen to be a short torso'd person.

- is very, very active.  Loves wiggling around constantly.


- Huge.

- Huge.

- Getting huger.

- still don't have much of an appetite, but I don't know if it's due to this cold or still pregnancy.

- sleeping okay at this point.  Not the most comfy, but still sleeping pretty good.  When I'm not coughing.

- wants to give in to nesting urges, but have been too sick/listless.

- enjoying my time with Aidan and Gia before this little baby comes and robs them of precious attention.

- fully accepting the fact that this is my LAST PREGNANCY.  hallelujah.

- trying to enjoy every wiggle and movement.  this is the part I will miss.

30 - look how cozy it's getting in there!