Thursday, December 3, 2009

:: 28 weeks ::

So, while I'm working on a re-vamp/relaunch of my blog (which seems to be taking longer than I thought because I can't just seem to sit down and figure it all out), I thought I'd post a lovely update.

I'm 28 weeks today.

I went in for my doc appointment and glucose tolerance screening.  blech.  All I can say is, yuck.  It took the help of the doctor and his assistant to get it all down.  He was rubbing my back while she kept pouring me shots and they'd cheer at the end of each one.  *shudder*  I still can't think about it without getting completely nauseated.  Anyway, I sat in the waiting room for 1 hour, just praying and willing my poor stomach to keep that nasty stuff down.  After the blood draw, I bolted home just in time to lose it all.  Eehhhhhh.  I'm praying on my knees to Jesus that my test turns out negative.  I'll die if I have to do the 3 hour one.  I will positively die.  Anyway, my appointment went well.  Everything's right on track and my bp is perfect at 120/70 and no weight change for me since my last appointment.


- weighs in at around 2 and a quarter pounds (a chinese cabbage...whatever that is).  oh here:

chinese cabbage

- measures 14.8 inches from the top of his head to his heels

- has eyelashes

- can blink his eyes

- adding more body fat in preparation for entering the world


- starting to flip around and roll around a lot


- Not sleeping too well due to an awful cough I've had for over 2 weeks.

- Feeling overwhelmed a lot these days.

- Feeling huge.

- Back is better since I've been taking it easier.  You should see my house, though.  Yeeee.

- Stuck on Cap'n Crunch Berries again.  Little to no appetite lately.

- Ready to be DONE.

That's basically it for today.  I have no more brain cells to utilize tonight.

G'night! thought I forgot, didn't you?!