Saturday, November 7, 2009

:: what's in a name? ::

So, I'm frustrated.  At Ryan.  I have a name aaalll picked out when I got pregnant with Delia, so I assumed we'd use it for this baby.  All of a sudden...we're stuck at "bob" (per Aidan) because all of a sudden Ryan doesn't know if he likes the name.  He says it's...weird.  (where was this input last time when he was wholeheartedly agreeing on this particular name before we found out we were having a girl?)  Grrrrrr...name_cartoon

Really, I'd like to have a name decided on for this little boy so Aidan can stop calling it Bob.  I'm afraid he might be Bob forever and that worries me (no offense to any Bobs out there).  So, Ryan (YES, I'M TALKING TO YOU), I'm putting it out there.  You have 1 week.  1 WEEK.  That is the deadline.  Come up with a counteroffer or the name goes public.  There.  It's done.  It's up to you.  1 week.  Bring It.  If you come up with something good, we may have to take it to a vote.  I'm just sayin'...get your act together, man.  ;)  I love you, but sheesh... you're killing me.

???????????How did those of you out there who are parents decide on name(s) for your baby(ies)?  Did you have a name all picked out before you even conceived; did you pick 2 names - one for each gender?  Did you wait until you found out what you were having to think about names?  Did you find out?  How did you decide as a couple?  Do you regret any names you have chosen?  Did you choose based on meanings?  Family names?  What's your story?