Wednesday, November 25, 2009

:: twenty-seven, life is heaven ::

I've hit the glorious twenty-seven mark.  Hallelujah.

I had a bit of a little episode last Sunday, but have been fine ever since.  Just got some doctoral advice to take it easy, no lifting, and all that stuff.  But I'm okay, Liam is okay and that's what matters.  Things are great!

We arrived here in Idaho last night.  The drive was uneventful and went by rather quickly for me.  It was our first long trip in our new car.  Very comfortable.  Love the DVD player for the kids (seriously - smoothest trip ever).  We didn't hit any snow or bad weather, so we didn't need our AWD or chains, thank goodness.  We're all just hanging out, watching movies - mom, dad, Melissa, my brother Billy, the kids and Ryan and I.  Anticipating a yummy meal tomorrow...Mmmmmmm.  I'm going to have to make up for last year - I was sick on Thanksgiving and couldn't taste anything.  Now I'm pregnant and can hardly fit anything in my stomach.  I'll probably eat 2 or 3 Thanksgiving meals tomorrow.

Anyway, here are my stats:


- almost 2 whole pounds!! (a head of cauliflower)

- about 14.5 inches with legs extended.

- he's sleeping and waking at regular intervals

- opening and closing eyes, sucking fingers

- has a very active brain

- lungs are still immature, but they would be capable of functioning — with a lot of medical help — if he were to be born now.


- lots of aches and pains.  enough said.

- lots and lots and lots and lots of movement

- can tell when baby is asleep vs. awake - starting to notice sleeping patterns

- still haven't gained any weight this pregnancy.  meh.

- got new boots (sorry, had to throw that in there)

- hair and fingernails are growing at a crazy rate.  thank you, prenatal pills.

- heartburn, sleeplessness and breathlessness becoming a way of life.

- back has been surprisingly better.  weird.

- looking forward to the baby coming just so i can sleep again ( i have THOSE kind of newborns, thank Jesus).


Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, everyone!